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Wearing England Rugby Shirts With Pride By Steve Katz

As the Rugby World Cup kicks off the tough fact that England fans will once again be watching their team through thick and thin and a majority of them will be wearing their England Rugby Shirts with Pride!
England fans are some of the most passionate in the world with the St Georges Cross painted on their faces and flags draped across their shoulders England fans can be seening from a very long way off. So what are the costs of being an England Rugby Fan?
Well aside from the obvious strong heart and a bundle of nervous energy thates with last minute winning kicks (lets face it who will ever forget 4 years ago when Johnny Wilkinson kicked that winner in the dying seconds of the World Cup Final?) England fanse with their England Rugby Shirts worn with pride.
There is no doubt that the current World Champions are in for a rough ride this time around needing to get past the mighty South Africa in the group stages before they can move forward but with the extra man in the England support, and there will be a lot of it as the World Cup is being held just over the water in France this year, I am sure the boys will fight their hardest to retain the trophy!
This years England Rugby Shirts are designed by Nike ande with the obvious White and Red design along with the English Rose reaching out from the chest. The national team sponsor o2 also on the shirt makes this years World Cup Shirt not only has the designer feel to it but also screams national pride.
So when the current World Cup holders line up against the USA for their opening game England fans will without doubt be wearing their England Rugby Shirts with pride.
englandrugbyshirts.weebly" newEngland Rugby Shirts
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