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Cricket, is it Gentleman's Game Anymore? Controversy Happened During England Vs New Zealand By Atique Zia

Cricket is known to be a gentlemen's game. These days is it anymore? Its second time in recent years that a serious controversy happened in
England. Past one way between English team and Pakistan that ended with Daryl's ban as well as Inizi's ban of few matches.In yesterdays' game, between England & New Zealand an episode repeated of a controversial run out, at a very critical stage of the match.
Both of the batsmen were playing well and brought the "remaining score" down to a stage where it should be comfortable for New Zealand to witn the match.The controversial run out happened and folks think that as a "gentleman" game, first of all fielders should have responded by not hitting the stumps. This could has been character at its best. Ok, out of critical situation it happened but where's the captain? Mr Collingwood?
Is he celebrating the expected winning scene of the 8th wicket down or thinking of showing the Game's spirit?
Well i think its the first one unless he realized till Daniel Vettori 11 did note out of the dressing room to shake hands after the "nightmare defeat" of English players. Vettori's excitement after winning the game was never seen before...But was that gentleman's behavior.
At the end thanks to Mike of handling the situation during the post match ceremony. Collingwood apologized and Vittori mentioned to keep "high spirits" for theing games. Now that's the gentleman's behaviour.
I still think cricket was and is gentleman game as long as Test cricket is here and this is not becoming as fast as football. First arrival of One day international and then T20 the game is getting more and more full of excitement especially with the shortest format of twenty 20.
Lots of money, loads of excitement and so viewer cost of basic spirit....The Gentleman's Game...!
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